Furniture Tips 2019 For a Small Space

Just because your living room is a tad on the small side doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style when it comes to decorating and furniture arrangement. Consider the following tips to create a well-designed living room, despite the smaller scale.

Go For Visually Lightweight Furniture

Keep close attention to the visual weight of the furniture pieces you have your eye on, and not just their actual size. For instance, furniture that’s light in color or has pieces with legs appear lighter compared to darker or more boxy upholstered pieces. You can easily fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger because you can see under these pieces of furniture. Find local sofas for sale that are visually lightweight to fit perfectly within your small space.

Use Smaller Scale Furniture

In much the same way that visually lightweight furniture can help lighten the load in a small space, smaller scale furniture can work in much the same way. In this case, look for pieces in a scale that’s appropriate for the space and for the individuals who will be using it.

Add Some Seating Near a Window

Who says you can’t place furniture against windows? In a small space, this works quite well. Turn your window niche into a small and quaint living area with a window seat.

Use an Ottoman as a Coffee Table

Instead of taking up too much space with a large coffee table, use an ottoman to serve dual purposes, as both a foot rest and a table to rest your coffee mugs or a vase of flowers on.

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