Eyelet Curtains – Modern Curtain Idea

If you are looking for curtain ideas that will enhance the overall décor of your house, then you must consider buying eyelet curtains. These curtains do not only look very attractive and appealing, they also have a number of advantages. For the uninitiated, eyelet curtains are curtains with brass or silver colored holes integrated at the top of the curtains. Either one can directly insert the curtain rod through the holes, called as curtain eyelets, or one can use curtain rings to hang the curtains. Because of this method of hanging, beautiful plaits run through the length of the curtain, giving a sophisticated appearance.

Usually, eyelet curtains are hung in pairs or triplets. Depending on the size of the window, one can even have more than three curtains. Tiebacks can also be used with these curtains to give a more elegant appeal to the method of their hanging or to make the process of closing or opening the curtains a lot simpler. If one does not want the eyelets to show themselves, there are options that come with a valance to hide the eyelets as well. Eyelet curtains also work well as shower curtains.

By changing the fabric or color of these curtains, one can radically change their appearance. For example, in hotter climates, one can use lighter fabric such as cotton, a semi-transparent fabric, or white eyelet curtains to allow some sunshine inside or to give a lively feel to the room, whereas in colder climates, one can make use of heavier fabrics such as velvet to suit the weather. In the same way, by innovative use of colors and textures, one can give a colorful appearance to the room. So that the curtains match the room furniture, one can use the same fabric used in the furniture to make the curtains.

As is clear, one only needs to be creative and innovative to get curtains that suit one’s requirements the best. However, aesthetic appeal and versatility are not the only reasons why you should go for these curtains; they have some benefits as well. To begin with, due to the metal rings, these curtains are very strong and sturdy, and therefore very durable as well. It is also easier to open and close eyelet curtains because the rings slide through the rod smoothly.

One should advisably check different designs of eyelet curtains online before purchasing an eyelet curtain for oneself, so that one gets a broad idea of the options available and the prices of all these options. If one is not satisfied with the ready-made eyelet curtains available in the market, one can get these curtains custom made as well. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the custom made curtains will probably cost you more.

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