Extra Wide Curtain Models in 2018

Curtains do a lot more than beautifying your room. They keep your room from getting cold in the winter and getting warm during summer. Window sizes are standard but some houses have extra wide windows. So what do you do when you have extra wide windows? Here are some ways. For extra wide windows you can hang extra wide curtains. A single piece of the extra wide curtains become quite heavy. You can choose to combine two colors of curtains to camouflage your extra wide window.

Extra Wide Curtains

Readymade extra wide curtains are also available. Extra wide curtains are a great way of having privacy which is very essential. Extra wide curtains with the right kind of tie backs give your window a rich and royal look. Internet is a good source of information on extra wide curtain models 2018. You can browse through various sizes of such curtains. Curtains for extra wide windows are also available with different kinds of pelmets. Pelmets give your window a very mesmerizing look.

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