Exquisite Bedroom Design Ideas in 2019

While the living room is for entertainment and the kitchen is often touted as the heart of the home, the bedroom is truly the sanctuary. At least it should be. Oftentimes, people forget to give their own sleeping space a little bit of attention; after all, guests rarely make their way through, and it’s easy to use an area that hardly sees the light of day as a space to stash everything.

However, these bedroom decorating ideas can give your personal space heart and beauty. You deserve somewhere comfortable and beautiful in which to unwind.

This is a perfect example of a bedroom idea that incorporates dark walls without making the space seem like a cave. The white bedding and side tables coupled with the copious amounts of crystals on the chandelier add light and dimension to the space while still affording that cozy feel a chocolate wall can create.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas 2019


For some, working with an upholstered bed can be confusing, as it’s yet another layer of fabric in an already fabric-heavy space. When decorating with this type of bedroom furniture 2019, keep the rest of the fabrics clean and crisp, avoiding floral or other patterns. Coupling this with bright accents is a fantastic bedroom design idea 2019, although any shade lighter or deeper than the bed can add dimension.


When it comes to bedroom furniture, the bed is obviously often the biggest piece; however, by adding an even larger focal point behind the bed and coupling this with an incredibly oversized mirror, you get a much more balanced space that drips in luxury.

Bedroom Decor 2019


Although warmer shades and colors are often used in bedroom décor 2019, there’s something relaxing about a crisp, gray-toned space. Metals keep things from looking too dreary, while small touches of greenery (i.e. the mantel plants) bring just enough life into the room design to prevent an overdone look.


When you have a view, it’s tantamount to a crime to block it. This bedroom design 2019 brings the outside in, creating a dimensional background for the bed while allowing for plenty of seating that frames that fantastic window. The brighter carpet keeps the space from being too dark, while the lack of “nick-knacks” modernizes an otherwise traditional, masculine bedroom design 2019.


Designers often shy away from matching. Too much of anything can be overwhelming, and the last place you want to feel visually assaulted is in your bedroom. The various fabrics in this space are incredibly similar in pattern; however, utilizing a collection of muted, pastel-like colors creates just enough difference to avoid overkill. And if there’s anything to take away from this room design 2019, it’s the use of an overhead chandelier light fixture in lieu of a traditional bedside lamp. Simply stunning!


When you have built-ins to work with, it can make the rest of the space a no brainer to design. Here, the decorator went for bright, light shades, keeping the woods in the room white like the built-ins, while adding color with the fabric and linen choices. Its classic while still being incredibly well thought out.

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