How to Have an Elegantly Cheap Wedding in 2019

Planning a wedding can be very expensive and especially when you want your wedding to be unique and beautiful. To keep costs down, there are a few things that “brides to be” can do to keep the costs low and yet still have a beautiful elegant wedding. Read on to learn more.


  1. Purchase your dress at an outlet or discount bridal store. Many discount bridal stores have elegantly well made wedding dresses that will make any “bride to be” look beautiful on her wedding day.
  2. Have a relative, friend or dress maker make your dress. Make sure it’s someone who is known for creating beautiful wedding gowns and someone you sincerely feel you can trust.
  3. Rent a wedding dress. If you’re not a bride who wants to keep your dress for centuries or pass your dress down to your daughter, renting a wedding dress is a very economical choice and will definitely keep your costs down. You can find bridal rental options online.
  4. Have your bridesmaids to rent their dresses just as the groom’s men do. This can be less costly than buying a dress that they may never wear again.
  5. Ask various family members and/or friends who are known for their superb good cooking skills to cook the food for your wedding. This will cut down on the costs. You will have to buy the food for them to cook, of course. It should also cost you much less to pay them to cook the food for you than to hire a professional caterer. You may also be surprised; your family and friends may cook your food as a wedding gift to you.
  6. Decorate your church and have your wedding and the reception also at your church. The costs should be much less to have your reception at your church. Some may not charge anything and especially if you’re a member of the church.

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