Elegant and Rustic Wooden Home Ideas in 2019

The versatile designer Marc Canut is not new to the idea of playing with beautiful textures of wood. He uses wood as the best accent ingredient in the home designing he does. Here is a work of his were gorgeous wooden accents define the design to a great extent. Wooden work in this house beautifully defines the very being of this marvelous home. Its strength and versatility is unmatched and it manages to convert a dull and boring space into a personalized room. The wooden walls at one side of the living space and bedroom space would otherwise look very overpowering. But the designer has use the right tint and texture to gel beautifully with the modern white walls and décor.

The beauty of the bathroom is so inspiring! The egg shaped bathtub that is matched with a lovely four leaf clover design of the wall brings in the nature. The wooden flooring makes the bathroom incredibly glamorous. The shower section is separated and the natural light entering from the huge window makes it very lively.

The impact of wood is equally good in the living space and kitchen. The wooden rustic kitchen on the upper floor is looking marvelous with the stoned wall design. There is a huge amount of storage space in this entire house which is created by a double sided showcase cum cupboard. One of the sides opens into the living room and passage while the other side is opening to the kitchen. It is also working as a divider and partition. The living room walls and flooring is white and the green sofa set and carpet brighten up the living room beautifully. The wood also looks pretty with the green décor. Beautiful and colorful paintings are hung on the walls that add lovely character to the otherwise simple living room.

Throughout the house we find use of sliding doors almost everywhere. These sliding doors are very stylish at the same time extremely space saving. The lighting is perfect in the house and a subtle mauve tinge is seen in the living room creates a dramatic and inspiring ambiance. The duplex design of the living room renders openness to the design of the house. The bedroom also has a good use of wood. The furniture is in wood as well the flooring. The sea beach view from this bedroom is magnificent. Overall this house has a certain freshness and appeal that is quite difficult to match.

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