Curtain Sheers 2019 – Elegant and Intriguing

Are you sick of looking at that heavy old drapery on your windows? If you feel ready to make some drastic changes but don’t have the extra money to take action then have no fear, there is a way. Sheer curtains 2019 are the best way to freshen up and replace your dusty old drapery.

Your home will look newer, cleaner and refreshed. Although sheer might be somewhat transparent or see through you will still have a certain amount of privacy. Curtains 2019 that are translucent will make your room feel very airy. This is wonderful for the foyer or living area where you have glass slide doors.

Have you ever walked into someone’s room and told them there room looks bigger? Well small changes like this can do that. Delicate fabric on the windows will give you the illusion that the room is bigger or that there is more space.

Curtain Sheer Design 2019

A good example to give someone who doesn’t understand what sheer is is to compare them to sheer stockings which are made from very thin fabric that conceals yet still diaphanous. It can be very intriguing especially when used as black although most homeowners use white and ivory. With curtains made from sheer you can enjoy every minute of the daylight. You don’t need to switch on your lights until sunset. It might be a good idea to have drapes coupled with sheers if privacy concerns you. You will need to draw the drapes or blinds at night in order to have optimal privacy because with your lights on at night sheer curtains will allow any passerby to watch you in your home.

With minimal privacy people are still captivated with this type of window treatment. It has an elegant, romantic, attractive appeal that many adults find very relaxing and comforting. It’s what the French call chiffon and comes in all kinds of attractive colors like burgundy, midnight blue, hot pink and red. Curtain sheers are best when they are the center of attention. In this case a better idea to get full privacy is to have shades installed on the window frames.

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