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Looking for curtain design ideas can be simple. There are a couple ways to go about it. Looking through interior decorative or home-style magazines can be a great place to begin. You might also want to browse bed and bath or home decor retailers for additional curtain ideas. You may find a style or look you like, even if the color scheme or fabric is not what you desire.

There are many different types of curtains and window dressings available. Some of the simplest versions, like sheers or lace, can be hung with elegant fabric drapes or stylish valances. Some room decor looks best with simple fabric draperies hung on traditional rods.


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Red curtains are a great way to add impact and emphasize your windows as well as your good taste. Of course, there are as many shades of red and color combinations as there are ways to use them but when you are making your choice between one set of red window curtains and another, color and style are the main things to consider along with pattern.

Other options are the new tab top styles, which allow you to show off attractive wooden, brass or chrome rods, with stylish accents. If you are looking for a simple curtain design 2018 idea, yet want something with a bit of an accent or flair, try purchasing plain tab top curtains and adding decorative buttons where the tab meets the curtain. This can be a simple and inexpensive way to add your own style. Another idea are bamboo blinds. They are simple yet attractive and not expensive. They also do a good job blocking light without making the room too dark.

Other ideas include using simple, yet elegant fabric versions created especially for the bath, by adding brass, chrome or wooden rings that will hang nicely on a decorative rod or pole. Nobody will know what department you purchased the draperies from and you will have a unique window treatment that nobody else has.

You can do just the opposite, for shower curtain design ideas. Using a simple single colored liner underneath, you can add traditional window curtains design ideas, with ruffles or other style elements, for a more elegant bathroom decor that is rich and inviting. Simple use a hole punch in the upper pocket of the drapes to hang them with the shower liner.

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For an even simpler, yet very elegant look, try using two solid colored window scarves together. Try crossing them in various ways, draping one across the other, or tucking and twisting them in unique ways. There are probably more ways to utilize these scarves than most people realize. If you want to accentuate more than one color, try putting two of different colors together. Some scarves are made of woven fabric, so you can even have a more textured look with a satin look.

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For a more tailored look, many options are available as sets, which include sheers, curtains, and valances and tie backs in one neat package. This may be the best option if you are not very creative or do not have much time to get windows covered. However, there are many different options, looking at some creations in stores or magazines may inspire you to come up with your own curtain design ideas and style.

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