Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Home

There are many creative ways you can decorate your home when you’re ready for something new. Instead of going to high end department stores or boutiques to find your new treasures, consider going to thrift stores, garage sales or vintage shops if you are on a budget.

By using your imagination and getting creative, you can come up with an attractive, yet unique piece of furniture, artwork or accessories for your home. Here are some ideas you may wish to incorporate as you are redecorating home:

Paint Interior Doors 2019

 You can create a bit of glamour or a funky style by painting the doors to bedrooms or the dining room in a bold color. Select an accent color to complement your walls or use it to add a splash of color to a neutral tone or white room.

Rowboat Shelf

 If you have a library in your home or you just love books, find an old rowboat and add shelves to it. It makes for a unique bookcase that you can add to a bedroom or the family room.

Decorate Floor 2019

 Painted wood floors are a hot trend right now. Work out a pattern and make it come alive by painting it with bright colors. If you always wanted a white rug, paint the floor with white stripes to accomplish the look you want.

Chalkboard Paint

 This paint is becoming popular because it allows you to write messages and your kids to scribble on the walls without worry. You can simply wipe off the message when it is no longer needed and kids of all ages can have fun drawing on it.

Giant Clocks

 Putting up a large clock on your wall not only functions as a time piece, but as a work of art as well. You can find a clock in a shape you like and add it to a wall behind chairs or a sofa for decoration.

Reclaimed Wood

 Use old wood to create a bookshelf or just a piece of art to hang on your wall. You can also use this salvaged lumbar to cover your walls for a textured, 3-D effect.

Family Photos

 There are several creative ways to use photos as home decor. Put them in white frames and hang on a dark wall or you can put them up on the mural of a tree to create your unique family tree wall mural.

There are millions of ways you can creatively decorate your home. You can create art, bookshelves or extra storage out of many old items that you may have in your home or garage. Even if you are not that creative, you can visit websites online and get ideas for your home or office. Your creative home design can reflect something you like to do or a hobby that you have. It will look great and you will have fun coming up with your ideas.

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