Create Your Own Designer Wedding Decor in 2019

If you are on a budget, you should be happy to hear that it is possible to make your own designer wedding decor pieces for your wedding tables. All it takes is a little planning and imagination, and your table decorations will rival the best of the designer pieces. Here are some hints to get you started.

First of all, it’s important to remember that your guests will be sitting around the table, and so you won’t want to block the view of the other guests or the activities. Think about the last time you sat at a table adorned with a tall centerpiece—didn’t you just want to push it out of the way? A wedding decoration like this will only serve to frustrate your guests and keep them from enjoying your reception.

Next, if you want the look of tall designer centerpieces (but take heed of the above advice), you can give your arrangements the look and feel of height by placing a mirror underneath them. The best wedding designers use this trick over and over again for one reason—it works.

You’ll need to be very choosy about the flowers you choose for your designer table centerpiece decoration. Some flowers smell fragrant and wonderful, while others only look beautiful, but if you get too close—watch out!

Be sure to thoroughly investigate the flowers you are considering for your wedding decor (2019), because if you choose the wrong ones, your guests will have to sit all night with an unpleasant scent. What’s more, your delicious catered food simply won’t taste the same with the aroma of not-so-pleasant flowers floating around.

If you truly want to decorate your wedding party like the wedding designers do, try adding some glitter or confetti to your table centerpieces. This can be an inexpensive trick that will make your wedding decoration (2019) look like it cost a million dollars!

Finally, don’t discount the use of small, fragrant flowers bunched together in a small vase, or painted can for more casual weddings. There is just something about flowers—no matter how understated they are—that adds that designer flair to any wedding decoration 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? As you can see, it is possible to create designer wedding decorations on your own. Take our ideas and use them for your wedding reception, or simply use them as the basis for a fabulous creation of your own! But whatever you do, use your imagination, and don’t forget to let your personality shine through with whatever designer wedding decor 2019 you decide on.

Candle Table Decorations for Weddings (2019)

Candle wedding table decoration has always been a favorite of mine because they are so versatile. They can be relaxing or elegant, casual or formal- whatever the occasion calls for. Plus they come in various shapes and sizes and many of the new ones are multicolored and scented, which can provide a wonderful fragranced candle wedding table decoration (2019).

For a winter wedding a colleague chose burgundy and navy; while a summer wedding I attended light pink and mauve was used. My friend Brittany is crazy about vanilla. Every candle at her wedding- tapers, pillars and votives had to smell like vanilla! Which of course also meant they were all the same color.Whether you like the smell of lavender or pumpkin pie, candles provide that. Candles also give off a light that is uniquely their own. There’s nothing else quite like them. And everyone looks becoming by candlelight, which makes them a perfect choice for wedding celebrations!

Candelabras are especially beautiful especially placed on or near the altar at the ceremony. Or place a few throughout the church. Their elegance speaks for itself. White or ivory taper candles are traditional and always lovely but perhaps you want to go with your wedding colors.

The assortment of candleholders sold by stores is practically limitless. I bought glass holders for my wedding reception that held two taper candles each and were shaped like swans. I sprinkled confetti and gold and silver glitter in the neck of the swans and around the candles. It was a winning look if I must say so myself!

Before I go any further, a few things to bear in mind when using candles at a wedding. Remember candles drip as they burn so don’t place anything on or near the candles that could catch fire. Better yet shop around because there are numerous non-drip candles on the market. You might pay a little more money but there would be much less hassle involved.

Always be aware of the burning time for your candles, whether they be pillar, taper, floating etc. You don’t want your candles to burn out just as the reception is getting underway.

And one final word of caution, if you chose to have floating candles at your reception make sure you buy heat resistant bowls. This is very important! Otherwise you are liable to have glass flying everywhere, and accidents galore.

Decorating With Beautiful Wedding Bells

The sound of a bell ringing is magical. From the nostalgic feelings we get from hearing a school bell to the spiritual sounds of church bells chiming, bells stir up beautiful emotions. Brides who appreciate the beautiful sound can use bell decorations for their wedding.

Decorating with bells is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate a different twist to your wedding. The main rule in using bells in a wedding is to keep it simple. The winter holiday season is a great time to include bells in a ceremony.

Bells can be a part of your ceremony from beginning to end. Bell-loving brides can tie small bells onto their wedding programs. To add more flair, the programs can be shaped like a bell. Programs are usually the first physical contact a guest has with wedding decor and can be a great way to clue the guest in on the theme.

Bells can also be provided to the guests to be used in celebration as the couple exits the ceremony. Shaping wire into a heart shape and sliding smaller bells onto the wire can make these. To finish, tie the wire together and add a pretty ribbon for the final effect.

For brides who want to be bolder, a bell arch can be placed at the doorway to the ceremony location. Attaching many medium sized bells to a plain arch can easily make a bell arch. Wire or ribbon work best for the attachment. This is a flashy piece that can add fun to your wedding.

A great idea for pre-ceremony music is a group of bell ringers. Bell ringers can be hired to play many beautiful songs appropriate for a wedding. Their style would add a feeling of simplicity and elegance to the ceremony. If the wedding is at Christmas time, they could even play a few holiday songs for the guests to set the mood.

To signal the bride, bells can chime for a few moments prior to the bride’s entrance. This is a great way to transition between pre-ceremony music and the official beginning of the event. It gets the guests attention and directs it appropriately to the bride. The same chimes can be used as the couple is announced by the official at the end of the ceremony.

Another great idea is to allow the ring bearer to ring a big bell while making his walk down the aisle. The young man can repeatedly shout, “The bride is coming”, to also announce the bride’s immediate entrance. Since most ring bearers don’t actually carry the rings, this would give him a more active part in the ceremony.

A great way to use bells at the reception is on the wedding favors. Bell shaped favors can be engraved with the names of the bride and groom, the date and time, and a special message from the new couple. Guests can take these mementos home to remember the beautiful day.

Using bells decorations in your wedding can add an enchanting feel to the ceremony and reception. They are especially effective during the winter holidays, however can be used in any season. Bell decorations are easy to use and make, saving room in the wedding budget for other expenses. These ideas are a must for anyone who wants to add charm to a holiday wedding.

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