Cozy Minimalist Home Decorating Concept in 2019

Whether you live in a ranch or a small apartment, making it look cozy and homey would be the most important thing. You do not need to have a mansion to have an interesting and comfortable home. This indicates that it does not matter how large your home is, as long as you can design it well. Be smart in designing your home to make it interesting and for it to become the most comfortable home to live in. Even people living in a pad or a one room apartment can create a modern home interior that they can be proud of. In our post today, you would be surprised how a 32 square meter home can be decorated and arranged to become as stunning as ever. The ingenious arrangement of the furnishings around the house evokes the contemporary style that you deserve.

In this home interior design, it has been filled with the use of neutral hues. The basic and simple looking colors help create an appeal that everything is organized for every corner to have an illusion of space. This small house also makes use of interesting and modern furnishings (2019) that are sleek in appearance. Just like in the living room, it has been designed with the use of a small sofa. To add accents to this room, the addition of black and red pillows on the sofa creates a sophisticated look for the area.

In order to have accessories in the living room, the owner has also displayed several creative works on the wall to liven up the space. If you have a small home, you do not need to limit yourself when it comes to decorating the home. You can add a shelf on the higher area of the wall to save space. This design would be perfect for people who simply love art or photography because they can feature their masterpieces or favorite things in their home.

Just right beside the living room area, you will be able to find a kitchenette that also has a minimalist design (2019). By utilizing contemporary kitchen appliance, this area accentuates the modern home style in this area of the house. As simple as the kitchenette, this home also has a dining area that is decorated with a long table and cozy chairs. Placing the kitchenette and dining space in one area of the home would help save a lot of space but still evokes a casual ambiance in the home interior design.

Those are not the only places in this home that you can get inspiration from. The bedroom is also adorned with modern furniture that is sleek and minimalist. This area is covered with the minimalist colors of white and black. Also found in the bedroom, the workspace exudes a vibrant ambiance with the addition of red and maroon colors. While working, you will be able to gather your thoughts well together and relax from time to time because of the windows that are nearby. These casement windows are also important in this bedroom because it brightens up the room and provides good ventilation.

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