Cozy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Looking for some living room decorating ideas? Here we give you some tips to decorate a cozy living room. As living room is the most used room by family members and their buddies, hence it should not simply look good but it needs to be cozy as well. Here are some tips for you!

  • Put Tall-Potted Plants

If your living room has high ceiling, placing some tall and voluminous plants in the empty spots or corners will make your living room feels cozier and livelier. Remember to opt for the living plants instead of the dead or fake ones as they will only add colors but not fresh air. Make sure as well to place the plants in the area which receives enough sunlight. Here you can find about decorative items.

  • Two-Toned Wall

For a large living room decorating idea, you can paint the wall in two-toned until some inches away from the ceiling so it will feel a little bit smaller and cozier. You can try another option like adding a warm tone accent wall to boost the cozy feeling.

  • Get Oversized Ottomans

How to make your living room feels warmer and cozier? Adding a soft oversized ottoman is definitely the answer. Ottoman can be the best spot to rest your feet on. Besides, by simply putting a tray onto it, you can alter the ottoman into a coffee table. Last but not least, ottomans can also provide you extra-storage. See? Ottoman is like what every living room needs for!

  • Separate spaces using console tables

Console tables are versatile furniture piece! It does incredible jobs to separate seating arrangements or divide different areas in an open-concept living room. If you want to create more intimate seating area, you can simply push the console tables from the walls.

  • Natural light

You can’t deny that one of the best elements for your living room would be the natural light. You can hang several pretty lamps, but nothing can beat natural light when it comes to making your room cozier and inviting. So the point in living room decoration is keeping your windows uncovered to let the natural light in.

  • Throw Blankets

You can add more cozy feeling to the living room by simply putting some throw blankets in here and there. It splash your living room with more colors, textures and also warmth. Not only the throw blanket can help you get through the chilly air, it can instantly make your guests feel like at home.

  • Bookshelves and Books

There is nothing more comforting than books. If you want the living room feels cozier, placing bookshelves against the wall is definitely a step you can’t skip! After all, bookshelves full of books can be a good decoration to your living room.

  • Hang Personal and Family Photos

It can be a little bit countrified, indeed. But, there’s nothing more inviting and warm than hanging your personal and family photos in the living room. It makes the living room feels more like yours and no way you feel lonely being there.

There are still a lot of tips and ideas to make your living room feels cozy. However, simply doing those living room decorating ideas should have been enough to make your living room warm and cozy.

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