Cool Window Seating To Create Stylish Interior Design

It’s a great idea when you put cool window seating at bedroom. It creates stylish interior design and also offers cozy seating when is viewing scenery outside. Here are several sample of window seats. Each seat is designed with colorful and attractive idea. At here you can get wonderful inspiration of comfortable lie down and seating while is watching TV or reading a book. It’s the most warm place at the bedroom. The seats are adjacent to the glass window. So the sun light is maximum to enter and give the light in bedroom. Each window seat is completed with soft and smooth cushion. The cushion is matching with the seat color. A big window change into cool place for relax with the seats. Under the seat are used as modern cabinet to keep several stuffs such as book, magazines and others. For more feminine touch, you can add long curtain. It also serves to give more privacy and protection from outside. You’ll see extraordinary window seat which is able to increase incredible home interior.

Nautical interior design can be created in the help of window seat. At this side, the seat becomes a great place for seat and lie down beside the glass window and bring the view outside to inside. This interior decor offers cool atmosphere such as being at seaside with blue interior. From image below, window seat can be placed at corner side of a bedroom. Modular design will make the space looks more stylish and modern. Calm color such as white will make the space become brighter.

For some people, glamor interior is really wanted. Window seat also can create glamor interior when it is designed so magnificent with bright color such as gold and red. Match with the chair and other decoration. It is very luxurious.

At hotel room or a penthouse, window seat also used. The window seat and large glass window offer great pleasure when is enjoying dramatic view of outside including the sky and city views. Wonderful space!

To get feminine interior decoration, window seat can be created with bright color. Curtain with floral motive will increase stylish decoration. You can add cool pillow with colorful accessories and motive for window seat. It is not only offering soft seat but also stylish interior decor at the space.

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