Control Light Levels With Pleated Blinds

Installing new window treatments is an affordable and effective way to update any home. With so many choices, deciding what type of treatment to use is often overwhelming. Homeowners can choose from many styles of drapes made out of a variety of fabrics or window shades that are constructed out of different materials. For an elegant look that combines the best of both worlds, consumers can consider hanging pleated blinds.

Pleated shades are made from a continuous layer of fabric that is arranged in uniform horizontal pleats and used to block the light shining through a window. This unit provides more texture and definition that an ordinary roller shade does but lacks the slats seen in horizontal blinds. The accordion folds take up very little space when the shades are in the fully open position.

These blinds can be covered with any fabric and the decorator can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Heavier fabrics will naturally block more light than thinner or more opaque choices even when closed.

These blinds come in a number of different styles with multiple choices for control and configuration. They can be hung in a traditional top down configuration that requires the blind to be pulled down when closed. They can also be hung in the bottom up position that places the pleats at the bottom of the window when the blinds are in the open position.

Combination units allow the user to control the blinds from the top or bottom depending on need. Light can be blocked at any point on the window surface. This is convenient for those rooms that are exposed to bright sunlight at specific times of the day.

Control options include blinds that do not have unsightly cords. The user grips the bottom rail and pulls the blinds down to close them. This is an important safety feature for homes that have small children or pets. A continuous loop mechanism still has cords but a clutch mechanism is used to keep the cord at the same length when the blinds are raised or lowered.

Motorized systems offer the ultimate in convenience. Nobody ever has to touch them because a remote control unit is used to move the blinds to the desired position.

Homeowners can enhance the interior design of virtually any room with a set of pleated blinds. These stylish coverings will not only control the light level in the room but also protect your personal items from being damaged by harmful ultra violet rays.

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