Comparing Two Styles of Eyelet Curtain

The eyelet curtain is one of the most popular of the many curtain ideas (design) on the market and comes in many varieties. One such style, the single threaded lace curtain, evokes an old-fashioned Victorian feel derived from traditional European styles. They tend to be quite delicate and fragile compared to other styles, but this can fit perfectly in sunny or hot climates where anything too heavy feels oppressive and bulky. Instead, these curtains tend to be of light colors and made from airy, breathable cotton – in fact just as you would like your clothing to be in a hot climate, hence why they seem to fit with such places. With all of these positives you might wonder what the negatives are. The disadvantages are in their lack of durability. Such fragile material can be awkward to clean as it should not be machine-washed. Additionally if the home tends to have a boisterous atmosphere, whether via children or pets, then there is always the chance of damage occurring.

In contrast to the lace curtain, a more durable option of eyelet curtain is the grommet type. As well as being considered fashionable, they have thick pinewood poles that are difficult to break or scratch. Extra robustness is provided by the curtain eyelets being sewed and fastened several inches apart along the top seam. With these curtains, you don’t need to be concerned so much about what activities are going on in your home as they are unlikely to break.

Therefore that eyelet curtains are a safe and desirable choice for adorning the windows in your home. Your eventual preference may depend on the level and type of activity in the home, as well as the climate and its impact on the atmosphere required. In fact there is no reason why you cannot experiment with a grommet style in one room, and a single threaded lace curtain in another!

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