Colorful Basement Bedroom Design in 2019

Many people use the basement of their house as a storage area or even dumping ground. Not many are able to put the spacious basement space to good use; it requires a touch of creativity to covert a dark and dungeon place into a bright and inspiring place. The maximum one is able to achieve is to turn the basement into a men’s hangout place with a pool table or a table to play poker. Here is a fresh and inspiring idea to convert your basement into a bright and attractive room for your teenager. Most teens enjoy their space and privacy, and what other place for them to do the same. This basement bedroom is designed to give your teenage child a wonderful time in a lively environment. Even if your own home is not so dark and dungeon you can still involve yourself in this wonderful surrounding of bright colors. Try out something similar to the color choices and variety in shades presented in this bedroom to create your own space that is far from dull and dark.

The USP of this bright and dazzling bedroom is the use of vibrant colors. Interesting shapes and furniture in this interesting bedroom makes it stand out vivaciously. Even though it is a basement, it is cheerfully happy and a fantastic place to be.

Each and every furniture or décor item that is placed in this room is carefully chosen. The bedside table in yellow color is a delight. The florescent green chairs and the turquoise coffee table with florescent legs are incredibly stylish. The mirror with colorful border and the beautiful wall paper at the back of the bed are such a delight. Adding to the glamor are the little details in the colorful stool or the spiral one next to the dresser. Everything in this room speaks of positive energy and bright color. Hence the mood is simply vivid and effervescent. It is highly unlikely that you will feel bored or dull in this surrounding. There is a fabulous energy flowing in this room that is so contagious that you can’t really stay away from that.

An attached bathroom adds to the comfort and privacy. The designs are simple yet very attractive and they make the room beautiful and complete.

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