Christmas Fireplace Decorations in Happy Christmas 2020

Years from now your family will not put photos of your Christmas 2020 décor for the fireplace on display. What they will cherish is that picture of the family gathered in front of the hearth.  In fact, they might even display it as the centerpiece of their decorated fireplace.   Long after the embers have died it is the memories you create together that will burn brightest in the years ahead.

Depending on your budget and fireplace you have a wide array of choices for dressing up your fireplace for Christmas 2020.    Garlands, scented candles, ceramic villages, and ornaments can be set to tie in with your decorated tree.  Tee off on the other holiday decorations for that coordinated look.   Decorated stockings, wide colorful ribbons, and classic collectible cards can add a homey touch.   It does not matter if you go for a carefully designed look, a traditional appearance, or just mix it up.   It’s only important that you make it yours.

The Stockings Were Hung by the Fireplace with Flair

Here’s how I came to decorate one of my favorite fireplaces. I was shivering from the kind of cold that attaches itself to you like frost on a car window.  It was 39 degrees in the living room according to the thermometer nailed to a bare six by six.  Many years ago I moved back to my hometown in northern Idaho to help my aging parents with the family business.

My father was certain I would not last the winter in the huge 3-story unfinished farm house on 150 acres of timbered land outside of town.  I spent the last couple months of fall skidding fallen trees from the forest with the old ford tractor, buzzing them up with a chainsaw, splitting the wood and stacking it in cords.

There was a built in fireplace in the basement and on the opposite wall a wood burning freestanding stove.  The main floor had two large fireplaces.  One in the living room and one in the family room.  Upstairs in the writer’s grotto there was another free standing fireplace.   The old man loved fireplaces.

Christmas 2020

I built fires in all them every morning to heat the empty, unfurnished, unfinished farm house that had been in a work in progress for 20 years.  By the time I got home at the end of the day the interior temperature would hover around 40 degrees.   With all the fireplaces going at once the thermometer would nudge the 70 degree mark.

I drilled holes in a couple lengths of birch.  I inserted candles.  I placed these on the mantle.  I took Christmas cards and arranged them mosaic style on a three small boards with molding strips on all sides.  I poured a fiberglass and resin mixture over the cards.  I arranged these on the wall by the fireplace.  I placed fresh cedar cuttings on the mantle wrapped around old cow bells from a wooden box in the old dairy barn.   I sprayed pinecones with glitter glue and they sparkled in gold, red, green, and silver.  It was an afterthought to spray the bells with silver.

I painted Santa’s on the ends of driftwood I had collected from the lake.  Each one about 6-9 inches tall.  A streak of red, a bit of white for hair and beard, a smidgeon of black for belt and boots and I was able to furnish proof that I am not an artist.   I attached a wooden Santa to burlap feed sock bags to make the Christmas stockings.

The final touch was crisscrossing an old pair of wooden skis with ribbons to match the pinecones that I secured to the wall above the fireplace.   I took the ancient wood and leather strapped snowshoes and tied tiny Christmas 2020 wrapped boxes to each one.  These were placed on either side of the fireplace.  In the center of it all was one picture.  My parents and I sharing mugs of steaming hot chocolate by the fire.

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