Benefits of Window Blinds and How to Select Them

Window blinds are actually essential for your windows. Of course there are many reasons why they become such important items in your room. Let us take a look at those reasons plus some easy tips on how to select the best shades for the windows in your lovely house.

  • Curtain Replacement

A window blind is a window cover that is made of whole piece or strips of plastic, fabric, or paper which has a string to pull them up or down. It means that it functions almost exactly like a curtain and let us just say that they also have a similar purpose which is to cover windows.

However, some people actually find window shades to be more practical or effective than curtains. There are several reasons why a blind can be such a necessary item in your room.

First, installing blinds enable you to control the light that enters your room. It is because with blinds, you have the option to fully cover the windows or just part of them.

Blinds Design 2018
Blinds Design 2018

A window shade is made of some paper or plastic slats and you can set them apart to allow the light in or you can fit them tightly so that there is no light in at all. It will be ideal for a certain room like a recreation room that has a home theater in it.

Blinds sometimes offer more advantages than curtains do. For example, you are able enjoy complete privacy that is provided by a window shade but not a curtain. Using a curtain, you can only either fully close or open it, no in between.

However, with a window blind, you are still able to enjoy your privacy even when you want to also enjoy some natural light. A top-down shade will be a perfect choice for this because you only have to lower it from the top and allow the natural light in through it but the bottom part is still pretty much covered.

If you ask people which one, between a curtain and window blind, that is easier to maintain, the majority of them will probably choose a blind. Curtains usually require washing and drying but many window shades simply need a swift wipe and it will be done in a matter of minute.

All you have to do is finding a soft cloth, dampen it with water, and start wiping the slats with it. If it is possible, you should clean it regularly to avoid any buildup dust. You may also hire professionals to clean windows related problems.

Other than to cover the windows, blinds can also be used as decorative items, much like curtains. Shades come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. They will allow you to create certain styles and moods in your rooms.

There are many types of blind you can choose from venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, cordless blinds, to roller blinds. They also come in different types of material such as wood, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, and even paper.

  • Selecting Window Shades

Before you choose any shades, you should consider these four things. First, you should consider the lighting of the room. Is the room supposed to have good lighting or not? If it is not, a roman or roller blind will be your perfect choice.

Second, the humidity also needs to be considered as well. For a humid room, you cannot use materials like silk, wood, or linen. You can find about natural ventilating here. Third, the size of the blind is also important. Do you want it to fit inside or outside the window space?

Fourth, the maintenance is essential. You should remove the dust regularly by brushing, wiping, or vacuuming those window blinds.

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