Beautiful Garden Design Ideas #2019

It is amazing what you can do with an outdoor space, yet somehow many gardens seem to follow the cookie-cutter idea of color-coordinated perennials and annuals coupled with a house-matching border. These garden design ideas, however, go well beyond that, and truly turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home.

Water features are stunning no matter where you are, and this garden is no exception. The gorgeous bridge coupled with the surrounding stone work makes you feel as if you’re in a storybook, and the ornamental grasses take center stage, veering away from traditional garden designs that only incorporate flowering plants.

Reminiscent of old-world garden designs, this landscaping takes your outdoor space and turns it into the perfect area to entertain or simply relax. Well-manicured shrubs coupled with beautiful, flowering plants create contrast, while the use of brick and ivy throughout warm everything up. Although this will require the skills of a decent gardener to keep up (shaping shrubbery takes a bit of practice), the end results are certainly worth it.

Create Small Garden Design 2019

The key to a beautiful garden design is separating the space by function in the same manner you would an open-concept floor plan in your home. This design features an area closer to the home for outdoor dining, and then separate, more seclude spaces for relaxation. They’re all highlighted with brick work between the stone paths, and the use of various, easy-to-maintain plants makes the space both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In Japan, a Torii symbolizes the transition from the daily life to the sacred. When used as a base for a bench swing and placed in the center of classic garden space, it creates the feeling of warmth and privacy without any excess work. The key design feature here, however, is the fade between the white of the bench to the rustic wood of the top of the Torii. It’s something simple that many would overlook, yet it’s a garden decorating idea that takes this space from simple to stunning.

For the avid gardener, this space is nothing to shy away from. The plants on either side here are balanced in height and type without being equal, which allows the symmetry of the manicured shrubs to truly shine. We won’t lie: this will take a fair amount of upkeep; however, it is a way to incorporate art into daily life, and that’s something that no amount of time or money can detract from.

Small Garden Design 2019

There is something so classic about archways in gardens, and this idea works well in any smaller space. Oftentimes, if something is narrow, it can be difficult to choose between plants or a walk space. The use of an archway and smaller ground cover throughout the path avoids this gardening dilemma, giving you the greenery you crave without sacrificing usability.

For that little nook or a smaller yard, this courtyard looks beautiful when you’re indoors and creates an outdoor space that is inviting and friendly. The use of white and green is classic, and the incorporation of lavender ensures that this smaller garden will always smell lovely.

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