Batman Bedding for My Son’s Room

When I was kid I didn’t have my own room. I had to share a room with three of my brothers and we sure did make that little space crowded.

Needless to say we did not get any privacy in that sort of setup. I was really envious of my friends who had their own rooms. When I would visit their houses I would be amazed at what they could do with their own room.

I find it astonishing that their parents would let them do their own decoration. My friends took that all for granted but for me that was a big thing.

Bedding Design 2019

Now that I have a family and kids of my own, I make sure that they will have their own room and that they could do as they please with it. My boy loves Batman and so he has to chosen to make his room look like a small Bat cave.

I let him chose his decoration for his room and he picked everything that featured his favorite comic book character on it, from a Batman bedding, to a Gotham City wall decal.

There’s a lot of designs that he could choose from when it comes to the wall decal. The most popular designs are the ones that feature figures of Batman and other characters while the ones that show his logo are quite in demand as well. The ones with Gotham City are quite cool as well since they are realistic looking. If you want your own design however then you can go for custom made decal to make your child’s room even more exciting.

I was so happy with the way that my boy’s room turned out that I seriously thought of having our own room designed that way, which my wife didn’t approved of course.

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