Balloon Curtains 2019 – Traditional And Colonial

Balloon curtains are known to bring attention where ever you put them. Without a doubt these curtains can be the focal point of a room. They are used to add definition to window treatments and will make your windows pretty.

Some might think that balloon curtains 2019 have a colonial touch to them but it really depends on how they are designed. If you are looking for the old fashioned look then be sure to choose something with lots of lace, ruffles, embroidery or sheer. Besides that, they have very elegant features.

They are tailored in many different styles. You can have basic panels and the valance is balloon or you can have just one balloon panel that hangs from your window as a shade.

Latest Balloon Curtains 2019

Although these curtains are stunning they are not for every home. They may look out of place if the surroundings of the room do not match the style of the curtain. Just like furniture, curtains can vary. For traditional homes you buy traditional looking furnishings to complement your home and this includes drapes, curtains and all window dressings. Balloon style curtains 2019 favor the old look but if chosen carefully they can possibly be used for contemporary homes. You would have to be wise when picking out the fabric and be extra careful with the choice of colors. When shopping for modern you will want material made from cotton with very little ballooning and very mild ruffles.

Perfect for the living room, you can create a look that will never go out of style. You can exaggerate the curtains by using ballooned semi sheer curtains and ballooned heavy curtains and valence like velvet on top. For kitchens and hallways you can use these peaceful curtains in the color that blends with the paint color of your walls.

Curtains that have this much detail and features do not need decorative hardware. Since they are the focal point of the window you do not want any distractions. Choose basic curtain rods because curtain poles that are too decorative will be overkill and defeat the purpose. As old fashioned as they are, balloon curtains 2019 are very popular and you will find them in all colors and patterns from plaid to stripes and floral.

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