Architecture 2019 – Sophisticated White Residence

In this home that is being featured today, you will be excited with the white design of this residence. The entire residence has been designed in a way that it is able to present an enlarged space and spacious vibe. For many people, a spacious home plays a big part in how they go about their everyday activities. Whether they enjoy reading or having a party in a house, making the most out of the area of the home will be necessary. The entire residence has also been designed uniquely and creatively using an open floor plan making it appear perfectly great.

On the outdoor space of this home, you will instantly be amused with the closeness that you will get to nature. The fresh green garden makes the entire home appear refreshing. The designer of this home has done something more amazing with the garden which is by making this a view of the bathroom. To make the entire bathroom appear spacious, the sliding glass walls have been placed to decorate the bathroom with the natural view from outdoors.

The interior of the home decorations have also made use of the white palette which can be seen in the furniture and the interior colors of the home. From ceiling to the floor, the entire wall, ceiling, and floor has been filled beautifully with the color white. As an outline, neutral colors have been added such as the wooden sculpture and the wooden base of the furniture found in the room.

The next part of this house being featured is the amazing library which has a large collection of books displayed in a white bookshelf. In order to ensure that space has been maximized, the bookshelf has been built into the wall of the home and it reaches up to the ceiling of the room. The elegant looking black sofa set in this library stands out in the middle of the white room. The rug and the large chest that are placed in the middle of the room creates a cozy appearance in the library making you want to spend more time in it.

The contrasting hues in the library are also extended to the other areas in this home. These can also be seen in the natural wooden colors that can be found in the kitchen. The color white and the wooden hues make sure that the entire home appears very cozy and stylish. The natural lighting that enters the home through the various windows that may be found all around the home.

If you would want to make your residence look as spacious as this large house, you may also make use of the color white to complete its interior. Even though you do not have such a big space in reality, white can help in creating this spacious illusion. This color will help make your house appear more spacious than its original size. With this, you may also enjoy having a large and spacious house in your own home just by changing the colors that you see in it.

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