Amazing Residence Idea with Exquisite Design (House Design 2019)

With the amazing view found around the surrounding area of a home, a house must be designed in a way that nature can be enjoyed to the fullest. The alluring sceneries of the lush greenery and the lake nearby this home that we are talking about in this article can be seen from any angle of the home. Whether staying indoors or outdoors, the inhabitants of this house would be able to see these beautiful views with the help of the large glass walls and sliding doors that this home is designed with. Built in Switzerland, this home has been beautifully designed to make the inhabitant feel the refreshing views of nature. The main scenery that can be seen outside the home is Lake Geneva.

The main interior of this home has been ingeniously designed mostly with wooden material. This way, the home is able to exude an earthy ambiance in the home. In doing this, the design of the house would also be created to have a look that would match the surrounding area of the home. The earthy ambiance would look best amidst the green color of nature outdoors.

In the living room of this home, one will be able to see the modern furnishings that have been used to fill it with. From the modern shaped sofas to the uniquely designed fireplace, the appearance of the area has become very stunning. As one enjoys lounging in the living room area, the perfect view of the outdoor may also be seen through the large glass walls on one side of the room. The furnishings used to accessorize this home have definitely built a contemporary home design making the home more special in every way. The modern and artistic vibe has also been infused into the home design with the addition of large paintings to adorn the rooms.

The interior of this home has also been filled with classical hues of black and white. Even from the exterior of the home, people will already be able to see the black and white colors that surround the home. These colors have been used to bring out the elegant look in this home and to be able to achieve the majestic vibe, the high ceiling concept has also been employed in the design. The high ceiling effect has been enhanced more with the bold black color and the glass windows.

As night falls, one will be able to see the refreshing yellow hues when viewing the house from outside. This bright color has been achieved with the use of suitable lighting for the home. The yellowish appearance has also been enhanced by wooden furnishings that the home has been filled with. Having a lively home will always be made easy with the use of colors. However, if one would want to achieve an elegant look, it best to make use of lighting rather than furnishings with bright colors. With this, living in this house will definitely keep its inhabitants feeling light and happy. Beside the refreshing environment, the exquisite home interior also adds to the enjoyable views that can be seen both indoors and outdoors.

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