Amazing House Architecture and Interior Refurbishment

What you see here is amazing house architecture and interior refurbishment. Innovative and creative idea is finished so clearly. Named Kessel Lo House and designed by NU Architectuuratelier, located in Leuven, Belgium. It is usual residential at road side. At front facade the exterior is created just like other houses. But the owner success to finished a wonderful house refurbishment at the architecture and interior design. With the help of creative architect, the house changes into cozy home for everyone who lived here. Full height glass window make the house become brighter than before. Added with white accents through the wall color and furniture make the space looks wider. Open floor plan also give an attractive result for the interior inspiration. Each images below will give you more information of the description why this house become a great inspiration when you need to renovated your own home. Check this out!

It is creative house which is different with other residences at same area. Black concrete wall facade at the back side of the house give more magnificent especially when it added with full height glass windows. Spacious back yard become enjoyable garden for the children.

From the kitchen room, the owners and family can get wonderful landscape of the outdoor through a large glass door. Full height glass windows make the light of the sun and outdoor garden easy to enter into the house. Admirable facade exterior brings new experiences of a modern living place.

The dining room and kitchen is located at same area. Open floor plan is applied in this house. Sleek dining furniture consists of white table and chairs for six persons. Smooth kitchen interior decoration is coming from red floor and stone kitchen table for meal preparation table. Contemporary kitchen cabinet is completed with several drawers to keep the kitchen appliances. See how cool the white brick wall! Fantastic idea of interior refurbishment is showed at this room.

It is two story houses which is designed with bright interior through nice refurbishment. White and brown wooden color are dominated at each space. At the first floor, there is dining room which is completed with white oval dining table decorated with white candles and white chairs. To make more wonderful appearance, there is exclusive huge white bulbs pendant lamps. The lamps are installed start from the ceilings to above the dining table. At side the table, there is wooden sideboard with drawers as storage of several stuffs. At the corner side, there is green plants to make the room looks more greenery and environmentally friendly. The brick wall is covered with white color. As a divider, there is frosted glass door which is separating the dining room and the front space. Look at the second floor, there is small area for home office which is completed with large white bookshelves.

From image below, full height ceiling make all space at the first and second floor are easy to be seen. Wonderful outdoor garden landscape can be enjoyed from the first and second floor. At first floor, there are relaxing space with window seat, kitchen and dining room. Whereas the second floor, there is a living room with warm interior through a great fireplace, modern sofa set and chair. White arch floor lamp make the room looks more shiny. Wooden floor is applied so delicate at the second floor. Beautiful interior design created so perfectly in this house project. Great house refurbishment provides amazing job here!

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