Amazing Apartment Design 2019 for The Stylish You

If you have always dreamt of living in a designer house which is not only good in architecture but also in its interior decoration then come have a look at this incredible two storey home. This wonderful home is decorated extremely tastefully keeping in mind the needs of the family.

Amazing Apartment Design 2019

The most interesting part of this home décor is that it is done in a very simplistic style. The furniture and décor elements are of the 70’s style. The centre table and florescent green chair in the living room break the synonymous straight lines. The room is lit with a variety of light fixtures that create a very dramatic effect. The spacious living room is done keeping in mind simplicity and brightness.

Although the furniture and décor is of high fashion, you do not smell extravagance at any spot. Everything is simply lovely. Comfort and ease are the two things this living room shows off. The open walk in kitchen works as a partition between the living room where the guests are welcome and the dining and entertainment area. That is more like a family chill out zone. The open kitchen looks beautiful with a series of hanging light fixtures. There is a sense of fun and funkiness in this residence that speaks for itself.

Living in Apartmens Design

The flooring in the entire home is done with wood. This gives a classic appeal to the entire place. Being filled with all the necessary appliances to make like comfortable and easy this kitchen is opposed with a beautiful blue wall. The dining table is set in a very airy and bright spot of the house. The sliding is beautifully huge and lets a lot of natural light.

The bright green designer panel behind the dining table is creating a very fresh green appeal for the dining room. There is not a single item in this entire two storey house which seems to be out of place. That creates a sense of clean neat environment for all people living in this amazing household. The bedrooms are private and are upstairs, while there is also an outdoor dining area which allows you to enjoy the weather and surroundings while you enjoy your feast. The garden in front of this amazingly cozy home is breathtaking. It is fenced properly giving you a lot of privacy and freedom.

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