Adult Halloween Costumes New 2018

Women’s Halloween Costumes

What would you prefer to be this Halloween? A sassy Medieval wench? A sleek and sultry feline? Or perhaps a classic witch? Whether your costume preferences lean toward funny, classical, historical or sexy, check out some of these favorite Halloween costume selections for women.

Men’s Halloween Costumes

There are many choices in men’s Halloween costumes. Some classics that never go out of style are: a swashbuckling pirtate, a prison convict or a vampire. With the blockbuster movies Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean, Clark Kent and Captain Jack are sure to be popular picks. Here are some favorites we’ve put together for the men this year.

Plus-Size Adult Halloween Costumes

Not all bodies are created equally and finding a Halloween costume that looks good and fits right can be hard. Browse through our selection of plus-size costumes for both men and women, ranging from sexy to creepy and everything in-between.

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Adult Halloween Costumes For Couples & Groups

It’s no fun going out to a Halloween party alone! For couples, pick from an assortment of matching costumes that suit a duo perfectly, such as: a plug & socket, a bowling ball & bowling pin, or perhaps a lock & key combo! Heading out with a group? Why not dress up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz, the Flinstones or perhaps a troupe of mummy’s and ghouls?

Costumes are a great way to escape reality, and wearing your favorite costume (especially on Halloween night) lets you transform your personality into your desired character of choice, and allows you to become someone else for a day!

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