A Perfect Home Decoration In Retro Style in 2018

Fascinating Portugal home! Casa Ericeira is retro house with cheerful interior. Colorful furniture and decorative ornament provide happiness and optimism. Retro interior decorated by Monica Penaquiao of Poeira Interior Design. Decorative patterns with cheerful atmosphere provide impressive feeling at any space and room in this home. It’s artistic home with so many attractive ornament. Wall hanging, paintings, wall paper, sculpture and other artistic pieces decorate this house into cool living place. See how wonderful piece of white tree at under the stairs! It’s cute ornament to increase cheers home for everyone especially the owners. This house is decorated with exceptional plan especially for space arrangement with all furniture and other complements.

There are so many colors were chosen in this place. White living room blends with amazing blue sofa provide retro features of a homey. This room invites family and guests to enjoy the bright interior. Clean of white at bathroom looks more modern with wallpaper. Beside of that, look how beautiful bedroom with all perfectionism of colorful and cheerful idea! Pink and blue wall hangings interact with white interior at two bedrooms. White decor also applied in dressing room. This color is easy to unify with other bright colors such as pink, blue, purple, red and yellow. The owners want comfy house that so exciting, cheerful and retro style with all optimism feeling. As a beautiful home, this home more perfect with outdoor terrace at the roof. Colorful furniture looks so cute with wooden sofa lounge in yellow color. Roof terrace becomes the best place to enjoy dramatic views of the sky and the sea.

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