9 Tricks To Decorate The Room Like a Professional Designer Arable

Want to decorating the interior of your home look chic and stylish? Not wanting to waste a lot of money to hire a designer? Here’s tips on managing the interior decoration in decoration plainly by contributors Houz, Christine Tusher. There are several points that need your attention and you can do it easily.

1. Perform “inventory” of color in the house. Let’s see what colors are there. Check if there is a special color that dominates. If all the colors in the house is a neutral color, add one or two striking color accents by adding items.

You do not need to paint or do extreme things in the house to get a special look. Tusher pointed out, you can put a bowl full of red apples, or placing brightly colored teapot on the stove.

2. Sure you make the home more comfortable interior. Comfort can make a home look appealing. To that end, Tusher recommends using pillows to decorate and add comfort sofa.

“Pillows are an incredible tool and relatively inexpensive to be changed and refreshing a room,” says interior designer Mark Williams Design Associates, Niki Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos likes to mix some size pillows. Typically, she uses a pillow measuring 20 inches (50 cm). Occasionally, Papadopoulos mixing the pillow with pillow measuring 45 cm, 55cm, 66 cm up to a bed or a daybed. In addition to pillows, texture can also be added at the surface couch with a thick blanket of use. Find resembles a fleece blanket, to give the impression of luxury and comfortable at the same time.

3. Use plants to create the “height” in the house. Plants can also be a “sweetener” in the bathroom, especially flowers such as orchids.

4. Use a decorative tray or trays. In addition to flowers, your bathroom can look elegant with the use of decorative tray or trays to bring toiletries.

5. Add leather trimmings, such as sheep skin, for example. Such ornaments can be draped on a sofa, chair or corner of the bed that will add texture clarity and warmth of the room. Do not be afraid to experiment in the placement.

6. Ornamental corners of the house with an ornament group consisting of three objects. Three vases or three pots with different sizes and shapes can be special attention puller. You can also decorate some parts of the house by using the whiteboard.

7. These tips are only suitable if your home is located in a sub-topis climate or a cold climate. Because here suggested the use of firewood as decoration. As we know, the houses in cold climates is equipped with an alcove for storing firewood for the fireplace.

8. Blackboard Make complement the decor. Put a white board in the kitchen as a decoration as well as a place to record various kitchen purposes. The kitchen is the most suitable location to put the board like that. You can write a shopping list, menu to be cooked the next day, or put a favorite motivational phrase.

9. Use candles and towel as a sweetener. Place the candle in some part of your room. Candles will give the impression of peace. For the bathroom, you can attach a white towel. Towel with white looks more elegant than the other colored towels.

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