8 Tips on Choosing Kitchen Set (Cabinet-Units)

Kitchen set as the main element of the kitchen is not only functional, but also in order to be aesthetically beautiful eyes. Planning a kitchen set design and shape should be appropriate and tailored to the needs of the activity in the space. Here are some tips on choosing a kitchen set :

  1. Before you make a kitchen set for first regular list of activities carried out in the kitchen. Remember, you are taking into account the existing space as it relates to the activities in it.
  2. If you want to create a kitchen that must choose the sink, portable gas stove or stand Stove, then to the bottom of the kitchen units you need to choose a material that is extremely strong and resistant to water, steam, fire, and perhaps even easier to clean.
  3. Then sort the rows of the corresponding position in cooking habits, in order to allow you to move.
  4. Make the design number of doors and drawers in kitchen set as needed.
  5. It takes a cooker hood or sucking the heat from the stove area so that oily hot steam can be sucked out, especially for very small-sized kitchen.
  6. This is in addition to make a room more healthy and convenient also make you more durable kitchen set.
  7. Lighting for kitchen set must be considered in order to captivate. Hidden lights or colored lights that could be the trick to give different effects on the kitchen set.
  8. Not only as a store, cabinet doors can be a camouflage to cover that did not want to be seen, such as gas cylinders and bins.
  9. Adjust shades kitchen set with the wall color or the other equipment in the kitchen.

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