8 Must Reads When Decorating A Small Bedroom in 2019

A small bedroom has certain challenges when decorating – you want it to look great but you want to be able to conserve floor space, get in as much storage as you can and make the room feel larger that it is. Here are eight ways that you can make more room out of your small bedroom (2019).

  1. Sometimes is just not enough room to put the bedside table beside the bed but you need one for your alarm clock lamp and other assorted items. If your room is just to small to put a table there, try putting a wall-mounted shelf right next to the bed at the level a side table would be. This can help the room look more roomy but allows you the space for your personal items and necessities.
  2. Instead of clogging up the bedroom with bureaus, try to use underbid storage as much as you can. You can buy plastic or wood and the ends that slide right under the bed. This can be a great way to add extra storage to any bedroom but you have to be sure that you leave enough on at least one side of the bed to slide the units out and get at the stuff inside.

    Small Bedroom Design Decor Idas 2019 (1)
    Small Bedroom Design Decor Idas 2019 (1)
  3. If you like to watch TV but your bedroom is just too small to even think about putting one in, try using a wall or ceiling mounted TV stand much like they have in the hospital. It won’t take up any floor space and might actually be more comfortable for you to watch.
  4. In a small bedroom it’s best to use neutral colors of the walls and keep the decorative accessories down to two or three hues of the same tone. If you paint the moldings and door in the room the same color of the walls it will actually make the room feel bigger. Painting ceilings bright white will add a sense of height to the wrong.
  5. When decorating a smaller bedroom with furniture make sure you use pieces that have clean lines and small patterns which will help give the illusion of space.
  6. Using blinds or light shears on the windows to open up and expose the view can help add space to the room as well as bring the outside and.
  7. Make sure to use adequate lighting as a small bedroom can appear dark and dingy if it is not well lit.

    Small Bedroom Design Decor Idas 2019 (2)
    Small Bedroom Design Decor Idas 2019 (2)
  8. Adding a mirror to the wall opposite of the Windows will help make the room seem even brighter as well as create an illusion of space. The natural light coming in from Windows will bounce off the mirror and will really help to lighten things up.

So if you have a small bedroom in your home that needs a little pick me up by the small bedroom decorating ideas to help make the room more functional and fun to be in.

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