7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 2019

The most wonderful time of the year is near and what fun awaits now to gather Christmas home decor ideas 2019.

It doesn’t matter if your style is classic, wild, extravagant or humble. Be you and create the best Christmas environment for your house and for your family. Below are seven fun Christmas home decor ideas and tips that you might be interested in.

  1. Ornaments – the staple of many Christmas home decorations and one of the most affordable ways to spruce up an older tree. Without a doubt one of the best things about tree ornaments is the customization factor, you can order quite a vast variety. Everything from a sports themed ornament to celebrities and everything else in between. What fun! Sometimes the best are the simplest, just think of what your family is into and what it values most, then seek ornaments that complement your unique and awesome lifestyle.
  2. The Tree – the big daddy of Christmas home decor, you can’t well have the rest without the most important part. The Christmas tree. Whether your partial to the traditional classic green, the saucy white version or even a colorful multi-hue light up LED tree, get what you like and have loads of fun dressing it up. Go big or go small, but if you get a good quality tree. You wont have to keep re-buying every year. And if you buy an eco friendly tree, you won’t have to worry about where to recycle it.
  3. Wreathes – there are about as many wreath decor ideas as you can imagine. Everything from a general Fall theme to Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. Pick the one you most like and or go the DIY route and make your very own. Either way have fun and your wreath will stand out amongst the crowd.
  4. Flowers/Plants – this is the time of the year where Poinsettia’s are at their most popular and as such everyone will be sporting them. If this is an old tradition in your family then by all means, grab one or two. However if it is not, then try an off plant and make sure to prominently display them all over your house. Make them the center of attention.
  5. Wall Decorations – you can spend a fortune on wall decorations or you can decorate on a budget, it doesn’t matter. The point is to find items that suit you, your homes personality and your mood this year. This is one area, where imagination takes over and all sorts of goodies can be bought, made, borrowed, etc. Think colorful, bold, muted, extravagant, subtle, familiar, traditional, sexy, fun. Decorate to your hearts content here – go for it.
  6. Outdoor Decorations – another area for massive amounts of fun. Did you see the movie Christmas with the Kranks? If not, you should see about renting it on DVD as it’s a great family movie and the outdoor Christmas decor is fabulous. Not too mention hilarious. You might pick up some inspiration and ideas for your Kranked-out home.
  7. Tree Decorations – many families love to decorate their Christmas tree as part of an old tradition. They pick out certain days and times and schedule into a calendar like an event. Because it is, or can be. You can choose to do the same, and maybe have your little kids do the smaller ornaments, while the bigger (older) kids place the bigger and higher ornaments at the top. Then there’s the floor space under the tree which also is another prime decoration spot, as is the space around the tree.

Hope your Christmas (2019) this year is memorable, exciting and most of all filled with family and friends. Cheers!

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