6 Wardrobe Designs 2019 for The New Year!

Do you own a dozen clothes that roll all over your room? Do you want a perfect space for your clothes and footwear? If yes, you will definitely find this article useful. Over the past few years, the quest for stylish wardrobes has increased remarkably. There are more than a thousand ways, by which you can give more space for your apparels. This is also termed as effective space management. Generally, wardrobes can range between few inches to huge 64-inch ones! The ultimate goal of any wardrobe is to store clothes & accessories in a well-organized manner. This gives wardrobe designing an integral role in home improvement methods.

Step #1 – Size your closet!

First of all, you should identify the size of your wardrobe closet. Never feel sad, if you have very little space for your clothes. Conversely, go through your clothing collection. Check if you have items that can be thrown or donated to someone else. Separate such items from the rest and identify what would go inside the wardrobe. Likewise, verify if you require additional space for your accessories, shoes and slacks.

Step #2 – A Perfect Organizer Kit

Now, decide on a good organizer kit. The kit should fit perfectly in the wardrobe. According to professionals, the organizer kit should have a section for dresses and suits. It should be at least 6-ft high. And, assign a separate section (a bigger) for jackets, shirts and skirts.

Step #3 – Wardrobes with Doors

Modern wardrobes are designed with doors. Thus, you can attach hooks to the back of the doors and use them for hanging clothes too. Nevertheless, make sure the apparels (or items) hung on the doors are not too bulky.

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Wardrobe Design 2019

Step #4 – Special Storage Spaces

When you design wardrobes, remember to include a separate section for sweaters! This is an important point forgotten by many novice designers. Sweaters are hefty apparels that require lots of space. You should make sure sweaters are stored safely and neatly. If possible, create special boxes for out-of-season items like sweaters and socks. Now, you should identify a perfect space for the shoes! Usually, shoes should be stored in the bottom of the wardrobe. Try to create a space of 8-inches above ground level for shoes. Also, set up a ridge to hold high heels.

Step #5 – Dramatic Wardrobes

If you want a dramatic wardrobe, you should install battery operated bulbs/lights in the interior walls. The light will give you a unique and indescribable emotion. Additionally, the lights will help you see your wardrobe perfectly. In simpler words, this is the bright side of using battery-operated lights! When you design wardrobes with specific details, you can eliminate unpleasant confusions. The details, tags and simple pointers will make your closet experience pleasant. Also, provide yourself a place to sit and watch yourself groom!

Step #6 – His & Her Space

Last but certainly not least, you can divide the wardrobe into a his & hers space! This is a way of separating, accessing and storing clothes in an effortless (organized) manner. Additionally, the well organized wardrobes would prevent early morning rushes and late night fights!

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