40+ Latest Fashion Aesthetic Bathroom Models-Design

From ultra sleek wall hung aesthetic bathroom furniture to sound systems, to stand lone mirrors to vanities, there has never been such a wide rage of bathroom furniture available for people to choose from. It no longer takes professionals to fit bathroom furniture and most of the bathroom accessories like showers can be fixed by anyone.

Before we begin to peep into this new world of bathroom furniture, there is a small advise that needs mentioning which most people forget when going out for buying bathroom furniture. It is import to carry a plan of the bathroom with existing bathroom furniture marked properly on it. This can guess a lot of guessing and probable re ordering of the item because it did not fit into your bathroom.

Few of the aesthetic bathroom furniture models which can be mentioned are;

Basins or sinks

The latest design in this category of bathroom furniture is having basins with irregular shapes. The latest trend is to have wide, shallow basins which are mounted on slab type surface or having them wall mounted with shelves for storage of towels etc. Round shaped basins with deep bottoms mounted on slab like work tops are also doing the rounds. When tagged with shiny cabinets and metallic taps these basins can change the bathroom into witty place.


Baths are usually the focal point of a bathroom, and there is a huge choice. New materials for baths include stone, cast-stone composites and even wood. For a larger bath, check that your hot-water system has the extra capacity needed. You should think carefully before opting for a shower instead of a bath, as it may decrease the re-sale value of your property.


Modern wooden bathroom furniture is made of dark wood such as mahogany, ebony etc, not just because of its water resistance capabilities, but they contrast well with shiny bathroom walls and metallic fittings. It is not advisable to use wood usually in bathrooms, especially the floor which ahs to deal with lots of water. It can also be advised to not to use wood with bathroom fittings such as showers. But they can definitely be used to make shower doors and shower enclosures, but only dark wood needs to be used.

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