4 May STAR WARS Day in 2018

4 May STAR WARS Day: Today, we offer a different content to you. 😉


“Give into the dark chocolate”. When planning a birthday party the standard question always arises, what kind of cake should you get? If it’s for a themed child’s birthday party then the cake is just as important as the presents they receive. Star Wars cakes have seen a rise in popularity because of the movies coming out to capture the younger generation. Parents who watched the first movies can understand the allure behind the back story.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

There are several characters to choose from and if you already know which one is your child’s favorite then it’s easy to plan a cake that tops off their birthday party. Many bakeries will gladly decorate a cake for you based on your child’s favorite character. Most of the time a sheet cake is purchased and then decorated, depending on which character is your child’s favorite you can purchase plates and napkins to go along with the dessert.

Star Wars Cake Topper

Since each character in Star Wars has a recognizable head shot finding the one that your child wants is pretty easy. Some of the most popular are Darth Vader and Chewbacca since they stand out when placed atop a cake. If you have a girl that is into Star Wars her favorite might be Princess Leia or Queen Amidala or one of the least threatening characters.

Star Wars Cake Ideas

Because there is so much to choose from in the Star Wars arena you might find yourself overwhelmed. Should you buy a sheet cake and decorate it, or should you opt for cupcakes? Depending on your creativity a bakery can create just about anything you desire. You could have a bust of one of the characters with a white cake and the other such as a villain covered in chocolate. Sometimes a screen printing can be transferred to a cake.

Star Wars Cake Pan

If you are really industrious you can make a Star Wars cake for the party. All you need is a Star Wars Cake Pan in the shape of their favorite character. Some specialty stores carry such cake pans and if you have to order them don’t wait until the last minute. When you make the cake you can decorate it however you want and really take the time to make it look great. Plus you won’t have to rush around and worry about the cake falling over or being disappointed when you go to pick it up at the bakery.

Star Wars Cake Designs

Instead of opting for a sheet cake you can really get creative and choose a different type of cake design. For instance, you could have a pan of brownies that resembles Chewbacca; he’s brown, hairy and lumpy just like brownies are. You could go to the craft store and make a bust of Yoda, decorate his head and ears out of Styrofoam and then put the icing on him. Of course you would have to have some back up cake if you did that. You could make a Death Star cake or a Star Wars scene with action figures atop a cake. Your imagination is the key when creating a Star Wars themed birthday party cake.

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