30+ Decorative Ceiling Lamps in 2018

For incredible indoor space, decorative ceiling lamps with nice design can be chosen. Named Mood, it’s wonderful pendant lamp collection. Annarosa Romano and Bruno Menegon have finished this cute lamp for Modoluce. Each lighting inspiration offers different shape and fantastic shades including this collection. There a large oval shape in thin design that able to increase fancy interior for home and office. In fact, this ceiling lamp collection is also available for suspension and wall lamps with strong decorative impact. Colorful shape which is offering fascinating decoration for each space at home. Great collaboration between art and design give bright and energetic color combinations of the lamp shade.

From image above, there are three colors which are available. All are presented in bright option. The white one, orange and yellow. Each lamp able to act as nice lighting fixtures for any home space, and also offers colorful decoration at any time. The lamps are suitable for indoor space including the dining room, living room and kitchen. If you has large bedroom, it also can be used to give warm atmosphere for your bedrooms. Where as from the image below, the ceiling lamp is installed at above the wooden dining table. White color is blending with wooden furniture at the dining space. Slim design of the white lamp and small wire that looks sketchy adds wonderful interior for the home. Nice lights and fancy design combine in one piece of this new ceiling lamp design 2018.

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