3 Modern Design Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom Your Private Paradise

Modern bathroom s generate a plain and fresh feeling. For designing your contemporary bathroom, you must make use of geometric shapes & patterns, minimal colors, clean lines, and mid-century furnishings. Your bathroom can turn into a contemporary haven for purity and comfort easily. A bathroom being a space that people use day after day its significance is much more than people consider.

There is many a Modern Bathroom Design Idea for transforming a dull bathroom into an extraordinarily soothing and uplifting space. Next, we are going to discuss a few of these ideas.

Simple and Modest Design

Simplicity has always been the rule of thumb for contemporary design. While designing your new modern bathroom ensure that you keep open and natural space without any clutter. Make use of en-suite shelving & cabinetry for hiding unnecessary individual items. Try leaving every toiletry and novelty item out of the new bathroom space. This being a place for relaxation and fresh design, avoid cluttering it with unnecessary things. Opt for backsplash and tile having geometric shapes for making the bathroom interesting while retaining its minimalistic design.

Freestanding Bathtubs

A Freestanding tub is a staple for contemporary bathroom designs. As Balance is vital, you must try and keep things proportioned and sharp by the tactical placing of the tub in a place that adds to your bathroom’s Feng shui. Though usual bathtubs have the proverbial oval shape, you could try a pedestal/ rectangular one for your modern bathroom.


Picking the lighting is a vital element of contemporary design style, particularly in the bathroom. You can choose from ample lighting choices. Modern design has to do with lines and geometric forms. You must remember this while you shop for windows, light fixtures, and positioning of lighting. You should give more importance to the quality of the light than the light fixture. You can choose Skylights for your modern bathroom, as they help in adding more natural light to your bathroom and makes it interesting.

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