25+ TRENDS Brillant Bathroom Design

Author Sylvia Plath once said, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

She had a point; for centuries, baths have been synonymous with emotional rejuvenation as much as physical cleansing, and for good reason.

Today, in homage to the art of relaxation, we’ve pulled together some of the most fantastic bathrooms we’ve seen of late, from subtle exercises in grandeur to bombastic expressions of color and form.

Bathroom Trends 2019

The first two images of the series show both ends of that spectrum; above, an Asian-inspired bathroom 2019 awash in neutral tones centers itself around a modern take on a traditional Japanese ofuru tub, while the deep violet tones of the space below transport us through Arabian Nights to distant lands. As different as they might be, both are equally luxuriant in their attention to detail.

The rounded walls of the next room, covered almost entirely in stone (save the row of windows overhead) lends a majestic, otherworldly feel, seamlessly blending the past into the present and most likely suspending stress and tension for all who enter.

Next, the indoors and outdoors embrace one another in this gorgeous natural space brought to us by Architectural Digest with an abundance of sunlight, raw wood accents and a sense of honest austerity.

Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2019

For a blend of calmness and energy in an urban space without the benefit of the great outdoors, these verdant walls inspire the eye with their crisp contrast between stark white and apple green sprinkled with olive-colored accents to bring them together effortlessly.

And last but not least, the traditional blue and white bathroom 2019 is arresting on its own with its his-and-hers approach to vanities and storage — a modern yet timeless room with cornflower blue and white wallpaper paired smartly with white wood shelving and cabinetry.

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