2019 Trends in Kitchen Red Colored Decor

I’ve been busy organizing since returning from the 2019 International Home Show held in Atlanta, Ga earlier this month and looking at my notes and mounds of papers and literature from manufacturers.  So, you are probably wondering what is going to be hot this year for kitchens and baths?

Well… there was a lot of red going on in each showroom along with neutral colors of ivory and taupes and chocolate browns.  It seems adding interest with neutral colors is going to be very vogue this year.

While red was a popular color don’t worry I saw lots of shades of red from tomato red to burnt reds and I have to tell you they looked great!  I’m not necessarily a “red” person when it comes to decorating but I was amazed that I found the colors looked great.

One of my favorites for the kitchen was this Venetian Scroll, it really gives elegance to your counter top and a sophisticated way to keep your favorite foods fresh and within easy reach.    The scroll design lends itself well with almost any decor style from traditional, modern and even country.  Giving your kitchen interest this year will be easier to do when you consider pairing a red with other colors you already have in your kitchen.

Did you say Chocolate? 

Another color I found popular was brown, especially chocolate brown.  I think if my memory is correct I saw this color being used for throw pillows, blankets, dishes, bedding and everything in between.  A great color to use for the kitchen as well and it blends nicely with any color you would want to use.  Still popular is shades of blue and brown and green and brown.  I think any combination would make a great statement in your kitchen.  If you have questions or would like to know more about using reds and browns leave a comment and I will be happy to reply back.  Stay tuned as I will be bringing more of “what’s hot for decorating in 2019″.

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