#2019 Design: Wardrobe Design Intro

If you are redecorating your house, you probably are looking for wardrobe designs and can’t seem to make up your mind. Well, things are not that hard and if you analyze some things you will see exactly what features your wardrobe has to have.

What style do you like?

If you like the vintage look, you can search for antique wardrobes. These make any room fitted for a king and queen, as they give it a royal look. The design is way more complicated compared to those that mare made today, having sophisticated carvings, great finishes and unfortunately, sometimes, they have less storage space.

If the modern style is more for you, than you have lots of options from which to choose. catchy colors like bright orange and green, many times even black, mirrors, uniquely designed shelves and drawers, sliding doors,  all these are characteristics of the modern wardrobes.

You can be more specific when you look for wardrobe designs and choose a more particular style, like, for example, the french one which consists of using sturdy wood and these wardrobes are primarily white.

How To Wardrobe Design 2019 (1)
How To Wardrobe Design 2019 (1)

How much can you afford to spend?

Regular, two door wardrobes can go as low as $150-200, but they don’t have enough space for all your clothes and accessories. These look similar to the ones you find in the college dorm rooms or in small hotels. If you live alone and don’t have as many clothes or you don’t spend so much time at home, these might do the trick.

Vintage, antique wardrobes designs can go as high as several thousands if they are in good condition or if they belonged to a famous person. If you want to spend some money you can buy an average one and refresh it by adding a new coat of paint or laquer, adding some shelves, anything you think that it can improve the overall look.

Modern wardrobes are much more expensive and the price usually starts from $1,000 and goes up to even $8,000. In case you are interested about contemporary designs, you should know that, for example, if you want to have three and not two sliding doors you will have to pay up to $1,200 for this. Basically, the price is so high because there are used expensive and long lasting materials and in most cases the wardrobe looks exceptional.

New or thrift?

If you can’t afford to buy a new one, you can look for wardrobe designs at your local thrift stores, at garage sales, on online websites that sale used items and even ask your friends and family if they have a spare wardrobe they can give you. Make sure that the wardrobe you are buying is worth the money and check to see if everything works just fine: the doors open all the way, the drawers can be taken out and cleaned, the hanger bar is in its place and also check to see if the closet has a nice, pleasant smell. if it’s moldy, you might have a hard time cleaning it or the smell might never go away.

Where to put it?

Most people choose to have their wardrobe in the bedroom because they can have free access to their clothes even when they have company, they dress up much more faster in the morning and some choose to do so because they are used to having it there.

But you can also put in the living room, in the basement/garage if you think it will ruin the look of your rooms or if you don’t have enough space for it there. In case the wardrobe is not in plain sight and only few people have access to it you can look for simple, cheap wardrobe designs that will work just fine.

How To Wardrobe Design 2019 (2)
How To Wardrobe Design 2019 (2)

If you are really lucky and have a big house, than you can have your wardrobe in the dressing room. If you are a girl, you can go for stylish, pink themes, opt or a black chandelier in the middle of the room and choose a wardrobe that will fit in here, probably a black one with lots of mirrors. The ideas and possibilities are endless and the only limit is your pocket.

What materials do you want?

Wood has always been used in all types of furniture and you can go for oak, pine, the nice mahogany, cherry or you can opt for laminates as they are much affordable and also they are lighter and they can be moved easily from one place to another.

Now glass is very frequently used in wardrobe designs because it looks more than great and also because it makes the room bigger. Still, some people don’t like it because they have the feeling that the glass will break anytime or they like to slam the doors of the wardrobe a bit more frequent than they should.

The rough metal is also used for wardrobes and can look great in techy, modern homes because it has that glossy look that goes very well with modern designs.

If you have enough space, you can opt for a fitted wardrobe because it will look better and it won’t stay in your way. If you like this idea, you won’t have to think of wardrobe designs because the company that you choose to work with will provide you with lots of ideas from which to choose and you will only have to make some minor adjustments.

Whatever your preferences are, you will find that there are lots of wardrobes designs that will look great in your house and you just have to make sure that you pay the right price for it.

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