#2019 Bamboo Window Blinds Have Seemingly Endless Benefits

Window treatments are important in a home and there be no trend hotter right now than bamboo window blinds. Although the name implies that this particular window treatment is made out of bamboo, this classification could also include other natural materials like reed, rattan, jute, woven wood, and even faux wood; all of which are made to resemble the original material. Obviously, the original bamboo shades were fashioned into window coverings (among other things) in regions of the world where the reed plant grows, particularly Asia, centuries ago. Now, of course, bamboo is used all over the world as floor mats, curtains, shades, placemats, table runners, and many other home furnishings.

While many people might choose to use them simply for their exotic look there are several other reasons why bamboo blinds are a popular choice these days. There are esthetic reasons, functional reasons, and environmental reasons.


Put simply, many people like bamboo window blinds because they are simple. They have a textured appearance that offers more diversity than a solid-colored curtain, for example. Because they are neutral in color, they can complement a room designed in earth tones but neutrality can also be good against richer colors as well. The wooden appearance is also perfect for simple décor around your living room or bedroom. Of course, you can now get them in a variety of colors for even more options.

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Obviously, the main reason for using bamboo window blinds in your home is to keep the bright, penetrating heat of the sun out of your home; or rather to be able to control it. Because the material is light, bamboo blinds do allow for some light to penetrate the home, which is great because you can illuminate and heat your home without having to employ your utilities, which cost money and can be environmentally unfriendly. Simply by raising or lowering the blinds you can determine how much light and heath you need in any room at any given time.

What Other Features Do Bamboo Window Shades Have?

Bamboo shades have another function and that is privacy. Lowering a shade ensures that people on the outside of your home cannot see into your home. When you leave to go to work or run errands, you can lower the shade to prevent anyone from knowing what valuable possessions you might have. The same goes for protecting your home after the sun goes down.


Again, using a shade, curtain, or blind on your sun-facing windows can be a great tool for controlling the amount of electricity you use. While you have control over heat and light with a simple lowering of the shade, you also cut down on things like potentially dangerous fossil fuels and other compounds that could be used to heat or light your home. Light bulbs, for instance have a limited lifespan so when you use them a lot, you go through them more quickly, which means you dispose of them more often. Natural light (and heat) through bamboo window blinds and shades, though, is endless.

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