20+ Perfect Decorative Curtain Valances in 2018

Selecting various curtains and drapes to help enhance the décor in a room can be a fun and rewarding project to undertake. When shopping for the various items you want to use, you will see some designs of toppers or curtain valances created for windows. There are many decorative valances that can be used in combination with all kinds of curtains to create a formal and elegant look to a room. Some of the decorative window valances will have scalloped bottom edges. The fabric for this style is often a more elegantly designed voile or embossed style. The scalloped edge may also include some bric-a-brac trim along the bottom.

When considering curtain ideas for decorative valances you will also see a few styles designed as swags. These have a loose low hanging style to the fabric that creates a very dramatic look to a room. The swag is usually designed in groups of two or three depending on how large your window is. A different style that is also used in formal settings is the balloon design. The valance created with a balloon effect will have the fabric gathered in areas that bunch or balloon out. Using the formal decorating valances can also add texture and movement to your window area. Some formal design may include additional accenting trim such as tassels.

The Priscilla or ruffled type of decorative valances are often used for bedrooms or kitchen windows. These top sections will come with long sides on each end that will be the length of the window they are placed on. The Priscilla style is often used in combination with traditional panels and cafe curtains. Most window valances are sold as separate items, although they are created as products that match a specific line of curtains or drapes. This makes decorating your area easy when you choose the same colors and patterns for all the pieces in a window treatment. The valances can also be used with various shades and blinds to enhance a home office, den or family room.

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