20+ Marvelous Beauty of Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan outdoor furniture is one of the popular categories in outdoor garden furniture. They find place almost every corner of human establishments, right from, gardens, kitchens, parks, restaurant to offices. A part of this can be attributed to the human nature of trying to be as close as possible to the nature.

For any outdoor garden furniture to be successful among its users, it will have to have few qualities such as withstanding extreme weather conditions and durability. Raw materials used for manufacturing outdoor garden furniture such as steel, wood, plastic etc. but these materials will either have to be treated with ant rusting material or a parasol. But there is another material that can beat most of the conventional outdoor garden furniture manufacturing materials, rattan. Rattan is good at withstanding extreme weather conditions and ca last a long time.

On the other hand outdoor garden furniture can be made with steel too. Steel is strong, probably stronger than any other raw material used in manufacturing outdoor wooden furniture. However some extra precaution needs to be taken so as to make it usable in outdoor conditions. Such measures include washing the steel in acidic water, which washes away most of the residues responsible for corrosion. And then it will have to be galvanized before applying the final coat of powder which will stop the moisture from reaching the steel part. This is a very tedious part which is very costly. Hence most outdoor garden furniture made of steel tends to be costlier when compared to other furniture.

The latest trend in outdoor garden furniture is synthetic rattan. The skeleton of such outdoor garden furniture is made of aluminum usually and synthetic rattan is used to weave the body around these aluminum tubes. The process is very easy. Since synthetic rattan is in fibered in nature, it can be transformed into any size or shape and this is the reason these outdoor garden furniture are taking the market by storm. Besides their fiber nature give them tremendous strength.

the fibers of rattan material are water treated, which is why they keep their shape intact even when drenched in water for days. They can also be treated with a solution containing UV resistant material. This should make them UV resistant, which can be a great factor to choose rattan outdoor furniture when opting for pool side furniture.

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