20+ Excellent Decorative Mirror Designs-Models

As a reflection of personal taste and style, mirrors have but one job and that is to make everything look good, particularly someone looking into one. But mirrors are equally effective at tricking the eye, adding depth in making smaller living spaces and rooms appear bigger than they are. A full length mirror in the bedroom or in the dressing room is ultimately the final judge on our appearance for the day, no matter how quick or modest the glance.

Whether your home décor tastes run to the traditional, the contemporary or the transitional, there is a mirror for any taste, style or budget. Mirrors can add warmth to a room by picking up light reflections or as might be the occasion with one hung above a sideboard in the dining room, by overseeing a festive family occasion.

Every work of art deserves a frame, and your reflection in the mirror is no different. Wood makes an elegant understatement and of course, borrowing from the art world, strong Rococo style frames aged and beautifully detailed in silvers and golds make a bold statement. Beveled edges and slim framing can provide a sleek, updated and contemporary look to your mirrors.

Vanity deserves a mirror and there is no more perfect place for your choice of mirrors be it modern or traditional, ornate or detailed, than at the make up table, in keeping with vanity and maintaining appearances. A work of art deserves to be framed in which case, wood or metal remain popular choices for either contemporary or traditional styles.

The most modern of mirrors are making their appearance in the bathroom laden not only with anti-fogging capabilities but with a television embedded within, providing yet another view of the world around us.

Whether round or rectangular, lit, free standing, attached to the wall, wood or metal, above the sideboard in the dining room, or hidden from view in the bedroom, mirrors ultimately provide a reflection, if not of the person looking into them, then at the very least of the world around them.

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