14 Modern and Contemporary Sofa Sets For Living Room Design 2019

The focal point of any living room is the sofa and through this very prominent piece of furniture we create a living space that is inviting and appealing. The sofas featured here are extremely modern and give your living room interiors a new look and feel. This entire collection is from Vitra who as a furniture company brings out the best in your house with its cool and contemporary furniture. These sofas look unique and with wonderful accessories and ambiance they look perfect.

Classy Stylish Contemporary Sofas

The best backdrop to bring out the best of your living room sofas 2019 is white. You can blend white walls and wooden flooring with soft colors like beige to create a harmonious ambiance. You can blend a stronger shade in the form of a complementary chair that sits in the vicinity or throw in some cushions of bright shade to add drama.

Modern Contemporary Sofa Sets

The heavy furniture days are long gone and to replace the heavy furniture now you have a wonderful range of stylish furniture that is easy to look after and maintain. And on top of that such furniture is also easy to move and with a few changes in the ambiance you get to create a whole new look in the same room.

Modern Living Room Black Sofa Set

For instance one of the pictures featured here are of a white sofa that is L-shaped. This same piece of furniture can be used to decorate the living room in different hues and textures. One sample is done for you here, where the white sofa is very cleverly decorated with a huge number of colorful props, like cushions, throws, bright carpet and colorful chair are used to define the room in a unique and colorful feel.

Luxurious Contemporary Sofas

The next example is even more captivating thanks to the surroundings of floral wall papers that are matched with bright green sofa set and blue rug. A lot of planters are placed in this huge living room to create a garden like feel. The designers are pretty successful in throwing in different textures and colors to make a bright and inviting ambiance that is so close to nature.

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Similarly you can blend these modern sofas 2019 of fabulously fresh designs and color choices into your living room and create a distinctive look with each kind of décor. And when you get bored of the look, you do not really have to spend again on the furniture! rather you can simply make a few variations in the décor and create a brand new look.

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