10 Tips for Renewal Your House 2019

Here are some tips on renewing described by legendary house expert, Michael Holmes, editor of the “real Homes” magazine, residential construction and renovation magazine and author of “Renovation for profit.”

1. Invest in a good design
Planning is the cornerstone of a good project, although few people want to invest time and effort. Do not be one of them and get caught in the false economy of apparent time saved. Without proper planning, your project easily escalate.

2. Cash is king
Offer money is a great bargaining chip in terms of negotiating a lower price – offer up to 10 percent as a deposit – but not always pay for everything in advance. Money can lead to discounts on many occasions, like when you buy the materials used salvage yards and antique shops.
3. Avoid False Economies

Check the credibility of your business, go for the cheapest quote does not necessarily mean that you will get the best results. Ask for references, and ask for recommendations or see past work. Former clients.

4. Keep it simple
Simplicity is cheaper to implement. Easy Always accept more complex structure to your device or conversion cost and increase working time.

5. Measure twice, cut once

Make extra sure that you have the right amount of materials by measuring as well thought plans. Order more at a later stage is expensive and you may have to get another party touch finish and they will slow down your project.

You should also be careful to order too much because it is a waste. Always ask your suppliers to help them with the quantities you need, and you provide a little more just in case.

6. Shop around
Prices vary for the same product, depending on who you get and where you are going so shop around and do not be afraid to negotiate.

7. Financing of intelligent design
Shop for personal loans or, if you can afford the higher mortgage repayments and can be justified in terms of efficiency, shows a portion of the equity in your home. The limiting factor in this is to have enough income and enough value to offer as collateral to meet. Requirements of your lender in your home

For large projects, it is necessary to set up a credit account with a merchant builder. Do not forget to also look at the tax savings.

8. For standard sizes
This will give you more leverage in negotiations and actually more likely to shop display. If you plan to standard sizes, you will find that most manufacturers in their product line to meet you’ll save time, money and effort.

9. The first phase of the project
If you can not pay for everything at once, the stage of your project – for example, you might want to buy anything outside of an extension and make a part of the interior. Make sure you have all the services for the cosmetic work ie electricity and plumbing before plastering and painting.

10. Back to Brick
If you are looking for an old place that was for a while the renovation of vacuum can be useful to completely strip the place and start over. Wet particular, there is no better way to solve it but to return to the brick and cure the problem.

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