10+ Fabulous Patio Doors Design in 2018

When most people decide to put window treatments in their homes they rarely consider using patio door window treatments along with the other types of window treatments. Patio doors can be one of the most visually appealing parts of your home, especially if it is accompanied by appropriate window treatments. The type of patio door window treatments you decide to use will depend in great part on what type of patio door you have, how often it is used and where it is located. For patio doors that are made completely of glass the most common window treatments are curtain, drapes and blinds all of which will vary depending on the type of glass patio door used.

Sliding glass patio doors for instance do not accommodate blinds or curtains very well because they may cause the sliding mechanism to get stuck. Because of this sliding door window treatments are relatively limited. In many cases drapes can be mounted to the top of the sliding glass door frame and kept immobile while the door slides back and forth. Unlike window coverings for sliding glass doors, the amount of options available for hinged patio doors are just as varied as they are for the windows in your home. If your hinged patio door is made completely of glass, either blinds or curtains or perhaps even both would be a practical decision.

For smaller windows, blinds may not be necessary though drapes and curtains 2018 are still a good idea. The type of glass used in your patio door window will also affect the types of curtains and window treatments you decide to use. If you have frosted or stained glass windows there may not be much practical need for blinds or curtains though they can still be used for decorative purposes.

One of the things many people don’t consider when arranging for patio door window treatments is the size of the patio door. Window treatments (2018) for large windows can be much more expensive than treatments for smaller windows, not to mention much more difficult to find. If your patio door is a double door it may be possible and even necessary to use two separate sets of patio door treatments, one for each door. If you have a door that is bigger than normal and will not accommodate regular window treatments chances are your door was custom made. If that be the case you could possibly contact the manufacturer of the door for help in finding sizeable treatments.

Although curtains and rapes may not be a problem for a larger door, blinds on the other hand may be difficult if not impossible to find at any retail location. Blinds for a large patio door can be custom made but that option can be extremely expensive. For larger patio doors requiring window treatments it may be possible to use two sets of blinds to cover the door. You should also take into account that if your larger than normal patio door is not made completely of glass you will most likely not need oversized patio door window treatments.

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